Updated Situation In Aleppo City Eastern Districts - Dec 2016

04:21 Dec 7 2016 Aleppo, Syria

Special Military Report: 7/12/2016[UNIQID ">[UNIQID ">[UNIQID ">[UNIQID ]

** Updated Situation In Aleppo Eastern Districts
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** Revolutionary Forces Continuous Defeats "WHY & HOW"
Syrian Revolutionary Forces Lost on the 7th of Dec early morning hours "Five more districts" in Eastern Aleppo City, leaving them in control of only 18 km².
Before the Syrian Regime & Allies Recent military campaign Nov/Dec 2016, Syrian Revolutionary Forces Controlled around 53 km² in Eastern Aleppo City.
One of the main reasons for such a large and rapid loss is having the Revolutionary Forces & some Islamic groups to deal with not only Regime Forces, but also many allies that have advanced Machine guns, Long range Missiles and even some these allies had Many advanced War-Plans.
One of the frequent asked question right now is: (Who was exactly fighting along side the Syrian Regime Forces?) The List below will answer that question and mention only the confirmed Regime allies in his recent battle at Aleppo City:
1. Russian Air force (Limited raids but effective).
2. Russian Military Experts.
3. Lebanese Hezbollah (Lebanese Shiite militias).
4. Fatmiyon Brigade (Afghan Shiite militias Controlled by IRGC).
5. Hezbollah Al Nujaba (Iraqi Shiite militias Controlled by IRGC).
6. Bader Organization (International-Mix Shiite militias Controlled by IRGC).
7. Tiger Forces (Local Syrian militias trained and financed by IRGC).
8. Al Quds Brigade (Local Syrian-Palestinians militias, Russian military experts began training brigade fighters before "Handrat Refugee Camp" Battle in Sep 2016).
9. NDF (Located in Western Aleppo Districts).
10. Jabhat Al Akrad in Shekh Maqsod (Part of SDF & Collaborated with Syrian Regime in the early stages of his campaign).

Note: There were several reports claiming that there were more local & International militias supporting regime forces in Aleppo city battle,But it need a hard evidence.
Information Unit monitoring team will send any important updates in regard of this matter.

** Territorial Control Changes in Aleppo City From 8 Aug To 7 Dec
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