Starvation situation in Madaya (suburban town north of Damascus)

16:01 Jan 7 2016 Madaya (مضايا‎), Rif Dimashq, Syria

30 people have died recently due to the starvation siege on
​ Madya;​ a small town north of Damascus, capital of Syria by Hizb Allah militants and Assad regime.

Many children are reaching a point of needing emergency medical care
​due to extreme starvation. ​

The residents of this town are helpless and completely innocent of any
conflict, yet they pay the price.

​According to BBC Arabic, Humanitarian Aid trucks full of food is waiting at the checkpoints for an approval to enter ​Madaya but the militants are refusing to let them in.

It is up to us as human beings to step up to our duties under God and
create pressure on the regime so food can enter Madaya.

child plea for food: (click cc to read translation)
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Testimony of medical doctor in Madya : Part I & II

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Syrian Humanitarian Institute for National Empowerment (SHINE)
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