47 Forced Recruitment Cases Recorded in Jabla in One Day

12:45 Dec 13 2014 Jablah, Latakia, Syria

** 47 Forced Recruitment Cases Recorded in Jabla in One Day ( )
On Friday 12 December, about 200 government forces soldiers surrounded Al-Fayd neighborhood, located in Jabla city. Government forces surrounded the neighborhood from the seaside, in the west, to Al-Fayd Mosque, in the east, and from Al-Qmiera, in the north, to Al-Bazar, in the south. No one was allowed to enter or exit the neighborhood. Afterwards, the soldiers started raiding homes, arresting youngsters, and taking them in military buses. The campaign lasted for approximately six hours. A number of residents told SNHR that the purpose of the arrests was to forcibly recruit their sons to join government forces. We documented 47 arrests in one day.

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